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Oct 1

Bilz & Pap Retro

by Oscar Ramos piensapositivo

Jun 25

The Secret Life of Heroes

Somewhere in a real life

by greg-guillemin

Nov 20

The Rabbit and the monday misfits

 a wedding concept 

by robydwiantono

Oct 15

The New York Times


by skipsterling

Oct 10
Hook & Irons co.
by Ginger Monkey

Hook & Irons co.

by Ginger Monkey

Oct 8

It’s all GEEK to me…


Oct 1

Illustrations by danielfrost

 by Mark Thompson

link: monstark

Sep 6


by Stefan zsaitsits

Sep 3

Daily outfits

by alyssa nassner

Sep 1

so many details…

by poonam-mistry

excellent 8- bit projects

by fitz fitzpatrick

you can buy them all!!! HERE

Aug 25

The Kama Sutra


The Kama Sutra

Aug 20

Designer Dan Matutina illustrates the love-hate relationship between rivals 

Rivals hate each other, but deep inside they know they couldn’t exist without the other. :)

link: wistedfork

source: designtaxi

Vintage Vogue Magazine covers from the early 20th century

source: designtaxi

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