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Jan 10

Product and Packaging Design for Soap Company

by Linceblince

Jan 8

Jun 25

The Secret Life of Heroes

Somewhere in a real life

by greg-guillemin

Jun 13

Jun 7


by anavfrances

May 29

May 28


by sveta_shubina

May 21

Mar 22

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via swiss-miss

Feb 28

10 Chrome Extensions for Designers

10 Essectial chrome-extensions-designers/

via brandsoftheworld

Oct 28

Portfolio Showcase

by whiskeydesign

flickr whiskeydesign

Oct 15

Great Icons

by alex bender

Oct 9

Excellent Article about “Freelance Considerations: Lessons Learned”

Freelance graphic design is often a desirable means of employment because of schedule flexibility, the opportunity to “own your work” and the possibility of higher income. But freelance graphic design isn’t something I suggest jumping into without careful consideration.

If you do decide to give freelancing a go, here’s an inside look at my own path, plus tips about a few things I’ve learned along the way…

by Daren Guillory 

Oct 8

"Last year we stumbled across old magazines from the 50s & 60s in a dusty attic. We use the original magazines to create the badges, that’s why every button is unique."

ohh i love it!!!!

by britzpetermann

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