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Sep 13

Oct 10


The visual identity springs from the contrast inherent in the name – the morphing of Paris and Texas. The logotype is simple and taut, while the colour palette is flexible and changes with the collections….The primary identity element is not only a logo, but also a symbolic universe with a life of its own.

by SDL

Jul 18

Heat Sensitive Identity

Think of a Polaroid, in reverse. Now add the future. It might seem odd but this line of thinking must’ve crossed the minds of Austria-based studio Bureau Rabensteiner when they unveiled this identity and collateral system for N. Daniels Wien a photo pro­ducer in Vienna. 

The pro­duc­tion method is one I’ve cer­tainly never seen before — the black color of the var­nish fades at body tem­per­a­ture, so as soon as you hold any of the pieces in your hands you’re lit­er­ally pro­duc­ing a new image. How cool is that?! See below for some stills of the process in action. LINK

It’s tempting to call this production method the archetype of its kind. The black color of the varnish fades when touching anything that is at body temperature, allowing for some very customizable and memorable imprints.”

made by: bureaurabensteiner

source: inqmindy

Jun 6

Mick Gapp @ work

What they do

by mickgapp

You would love this photos if you like print design…

Ina Kent

Bag Tells Stories

by mickgapp

Apr 26


kontor kontur

Kontor Kontur is a design collaboration working with details and concepts in Göteborg.

Apr 16

RAAD Branding


Mar 22

Black and White

link: kontorkontur

Apr 25

Apr 21

 Touch Branding
The mentality of every designer.

 Touch Branding

The mentality of every designer.

Apr 6
via Freshthrills 
Project: Motorman Chocolate Lager

via Freshthrills 

Project: Motorman Chocolate Lager

Mar 29

Feb 23

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