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Oct 1

Can I convince You

-Daniel Gray

May 20

Oh, if there’s love left in your eyes
I beg to show me now or never.

And oh, if you needed some more time
I’ll tell you that I would wait forever.

You’ve always been my saddest song
and you never sang along.
Your eyes are open why aren’t mine?
I only see you in my mind.

And if care so much for me,
I beg you, darling, set me free.

And how my heart would heal someday—
not if you carry on this way.

by Janet LaBelle

May 8

-The automation

ok. this is a good one!!!!

Apr 11

Wildcat! Wildcat!
Garden Grays

no words… :]

Mar 14


take a look! she’s awesome…!!!

Mar 11

Everyone Needs Someone
-Slow No Wake


Summertime Sadness

-Lana del Rey

Feb 26


-Vance Joy

louderrrr!!!!! :D

Feb 12

Jan 20


Hayden Calnin

Jan 15

Mercury Dime

-Death Vessel

Fall in love

Black Out Days

Celebrating Nothing

Don’t move

When I’m Small


23 minutes working with great music! 

Jan 12

I’m to Blame



I’m wrong
It’s my fault
'Cause I like
A good Fight

Doesn’t matter how we try
We can’t get it right
You and I are not the same
And I think I’m to blame
I think I’m to blame

One Thing

-Peter and Kerry



sharing again… yes i know!!! :s

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