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Nov 12

Servus am Marktplatz

by moodley and sabiiine

Lovely lovely.. take a look at all the pics!!!!  Servus-am-Marktplatz

Sep 12

Patented Bottle Sleeves

by strangerandstranger

Aug 16


typo, colors and packaging in an unique way…

by mcgarrahjessee

Aug 13

The Dirty Apron’s Delicatessen

Glasfurd & walker were commissioned to design all packaging and promotional items for the Delicatessen. From bread bags, shopping bags and tape to gift boxes, lunch boxes and products on the shelves.


Aug 1

Urban Wineworks

Urban Wineworks approached us with one request: “Rethink wine bottle packaging.” Flying in premium grapes and fermenting them to make their own wine in a downtown space craved a brand that didn’t feel like the Italian countryside. A simple and clean brand mixed with an array of colors to distinguish between the different varieties of wine produced led to a fantastic winery and tasting room in downtown Oklahoma City.

by foundrycollective

excellent work… check their site

Jul 31

Plant a Little Love, Organic Seed

link:  cascellaink

Jun 7


by lohiutang

May 14


In 1994, two guys walked into our office with a Ziploc bag of tea (we swear it was tea), and asked us to create a new brand. Soon after, Tazo was born. We grounded the brand in the history of tea, with all elements becoming the artifacts of an ancient tea culture. The name was designed to evoke the origins of tea, and the logo was reminiscent of archaic pictograms. Themed “The Reincarnation of Tea,” packaging copy engaged and rewarded the consumer while building the mystery of the brand. We created packaging for 100 product SKUs, featuring copy like “Scientists still do not fully understand the Tazo effect,” and “Shake before drinking. You might also want to do a little chant if you feel up to it.” The Tazo brand system was applied to packaging, retail merchandising, collateral, website, apparel and advertising. The brand is considered the greatest success in tea history. This success allowed its founders to sell the brand to Starbucks. And in 2009, one of them walked back into our offices with another Ziploc bag, ready to create a new tea brand.

by sandstrompartners

May 10

Rahal Farms 
Branding and Packaging

Desiger: Ligia Teodosiu
Creative Director: Joel Anderson


Apr 25

2 good reasons to enjoy a good print

by happycentro

call me a nerd but i was laughing …

Mar 8
Pranzo Pasta 
pasta +parmesan cheese + sun-dried tomato

Pranzo Pasta 

pasta +parmesan cheese + sun-dried tomato

Feb 3

Dec 27
Lucky Bucket Beer Packaging
(via  Youth Marketing)

Lucky Bucket Beer Packaging

(via  Youth Marketing)

Dec 20

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