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Oct 28

Portfolio Showcase

by whiskeydesign

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Jun 1
oh yes! the colors, typography, details…everything!!!
by hubltd

oh yes! the colors, typography, details…everything!!!

by hubltd

2010 Nike MLB All-Star Retailer Event Invitation

by hubltd

May 29

PARISH Foods & Goods is a New Orleans-inspired bi-level restaurant and market concept. PARISH is located in a beautifully restored 1890s Factory Terminal Building in the heart of Inman Park Atlanta. 

BoyBurnsBarn was responsible for creating the brand identity to coincide with both the vision for the restaurant and the physical space. Along with the logo, signage, labels, stationery and packaging were created for the restaurant. BBB also designed and developed the website which won a Webby Award for the Restaurant category.

by BOYBURNSBARN, a Great Design Studio! 

May 9

One size fits all by Matjaz Cuk 

The required item can be cut out on demand. From one sheet of paper you can get: 
– two small folders
– one large folder
– 7 CD packages, 5 medium sized cards and one bookmark
– two small notebook covers and 6 small cards
– two large notebook covers

Oct 13